Pool openings


Please fill out the form below to schedule your pool opening appointment. Alternatively you can email us at service@mccarthypools.com or call us on 508-485-1307. Upon receipt of this request, we will schedule your Pool Opening appointment and send you an email to confirm the date. We will make every effort to accommodate your chosen Pool Opening appointment date. However, if we cannot schedule your Pool Opening appointment for the week you have chosen, we will schedule you for the next closest date available and email that information to you. If this alternate date is unacceptable, please contact us as soon as possible and we can try to reschedule.

Please choose one of the following options:


What we do

  • start the pump & filter and check its operation
  • test fire pool heater
  • install the ladder(s) & handrail
  • add the opening chemicals


What we do

  • remove water, leaves, and debris from cover, put debris in trash bags, leave trash bags at pool side
  • remove cover, loosely roll up cover and leave at pool side
  • start the pump & filter and check its operation
  • test fire pool heater
  • install the ladder(s) & handrail
  • add the opening chemicals


What we do

  • remove Loop Loc cover, loosely roll up cover and leave at pool side
  • start the pump & filter and check its operation
  • test fire pool heater
  • install the ladder(s) & handrail
  • add the opening chemicals

Please ensure that all ladders, handrails, skimmer baskets, filters, and all other pool opening items are at pool side the morning of your pool opening appointment date. Please do not leave these items in sheds, garages, etc...These items mush be readily available at pool side to complete your pool opening. If any of these items are not available or functional and a return trip is required to complete the pool opening, you will be charged for the return trip and for any items that had to be replaced. Please ensure that there is power at your pool pump. If the pool pump does not have power and cannot be turned on, your pool cannot be opened. Make sure the breaker to the pump is in the "on" position.

*The pool openings above do not include vacuuming the pool or adding additional chemicals (including salt) beyond the pool opening chemicals. If your pool water does not clear within 48 hours after the pool opening, additional chemicals will be needed. Please visit our retail store for additional chemicals and advice.
**Once the pool water has cleared, the pool should be vacuumed on "waste" to remove any debris.
***Chlorine Generators should not be run until the pool salt level has been checked and balanced. Please bring your pool water to our retail store for a salinity test before turning on the Chlorine Generator.



We will open your spa and check its operation. This only applies to spas that are connected to your pool. Price applies only when ordered with an additional pool opening option (Options 1, 2 or 3)


After the pool opening we will take your winter cover to our warehouse and wash, clean, fold and store it. The pool cover will be delivered in the Fall if McCarthy Pools closes your pool. If not, please contact our Service Department to arrange cover pickup.

Terms and conditions - please read carefully

  • The pool opening charge covers only the pool opening. Any additional work performed beyond the scope of the pool opening as listed in the Pool Opening Option descriptions will be billed on a time and materials basis in addition to the pool opening charge.
  • The winter cover and watertubes will be left at pool side loosely rolled up. The cover should be washed, dried and folded before storage. The cover should be stored away from rodents and insects. Your winter cover warranty does not cover damage resulting from improper storage.
  • Loop-Loc pool cover owners should add a non-copper based algaecide to the pool by April 15. If the pool is not opened by May 1 this process should be repeated.
  • McCarthy Pools does not guarantee that the opening chemicals included in the Pool Opening Options will completely clear your pool water. If the pool water does not clear within 48 hours of the pool opening more chemicals should be added. Feel free to stop by our Retail Store for advice and quality pool chemicals.
  • No salt is added to the pool water at the pool opening. Salt should be added after the pool has been vacuumed and the water has cleared. The salt chlorine generator should not be turned on until after the pool salt level has been balanced.
  • Any service appointment cancellations require 24 hours advance notice. Please contact our Service Department at 508-485-1307 x 2 or email at service@mccarthypools.com for any appointment cancellations.
  • Please ensure that the pool gate is unlocked and we have access to the pool.
  • Please ensure that the power to the pool pump is turned on and the timer is set to be on at the time of the service work.
  • Please ensure that there is power to an outside electrical outlet.
  • Please ensure that water to an outside faucet is on and a hose that will reach the pool is connected.
  • All service appointment, pool opening appointment, and pool closing appointment invoices are due upon receipt. A Finance Charge of 1.5% per month which is an APR of 18.00% is applied on all invoices not paid within 30 days of the invoice date.
  • Our minimum service charge for the first hour or any part thereof including travel time is $109.00. Each hour or any part thereof after the first hour is charged at $109.00. Service work requiring a second technician will be billed at an additional $72.00 per hour

Going green? Save paper, postage and the planet!

By default we are now emailing invoices to customers who use our online service request system. We are also accepting online payments for these invoices. Your electronic invoice will now have a link that will allow you to pay it online. If you would like to receive a paper copy of your service invoice please check the box below.

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