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AquaComfort Heat Pumps
The Smart Choice in Pool Heating

State-of-the-art digital technology. Simple, precise and reliable. AquaComfort's digital technology means the most advanced, efficient systems available. It's easy to use and easy to maintain.

Low temperature performance. With over 30 years of heat pump pool heater design experience, AquaComfort is built to outperform the competition. Advanced micro-computer technology and exclusive design features allow AquaComfort to deliver heat at lower temperatures than other heat pumps. The result is more heat when you need it most. AquaComfort outperforms the competition by up to 40%.

Environmentally Friendly. With no combustible by-products, AquaComfort creates clean, efficient energy that is safe for the environment. All AquaComfort units use safe, ozone friendly R-410A refrigerent.

Going green not only is environmentally-friendly but also wallet-friendly! Don't just save the evironment, save some money by using an energy efficient AquaComfort heat pump to heat your pool water. At one fourth the operating cost of natural gas and one fifth the operating cost of propane, your Aqua Comfort heat pump will save you thousands of dollars in operating costs versus fossil fuel heaters. Our will show you how much you can save.




Rheem Pool Heaters
A New Degree of Comfort

Relaxation Starts Here. Chances are, the last thing that you think about is your pool heater. You expect to be comfortable and that's why Rheem is the best choice that you can make. Rheem offers the finest pool heating solutions in the business. With Rheem, you get top quality, innovative products that come with the latest technology, dependable performance, great warranties and excellent service and support. This is why we say, "Relax, It's Rheem".

Wind-Resistant Design. No need for fans to combat drafting problems. This heater is designed to draft naturally in outdoor installations with its exclusive low-profile design. It is so thoughtfully and carefully designed it actually protects itself from the things that tend to stifle ordinary pool and spa heaters. It delivers uninterrupted heating performance regardless of falling leaves, wind, airborne debris, rain, downdrafts,
updrafts, sleet, snow, etc.

Fuel-Efficient. Energy-smart Rheem heaters consistently achieve the highest efficiency ratings.  They exceed all federal and state standards.


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